2020 Prices for Puppies  for AKC Limited – pet only 

Shaded Red $950

Black and Tan $950

piebalds $1,100-$1,200

Chocolate and Tan/cream $1,100/$1,200

Dapples/Dapple Piebalds  $1,200-$1,600 

Sables $1,200

Shaded Cream $1,200

ee/Clear Red $1,200

ee/Clear Cream $1,400

Any non dilute solid (non-dapple) color with cream points $1,200

Dapple with cream points $1,400 -$1,600

Isabella/Blue $1,600-$1,800

AKC Reunite Microchip plus lifetime enrollment is included in all prices. No longer a separate fee. 

All credit card payments are subject to 2.6% processing fee.